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Hijack Me!: HP

Gimmie all your FICS!

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All Members , Moderated
For Authors of abandoned HP fics, or fics in need of Sequels that would like to "pass the torch"

This is a news feed community for Hijack Me!: HP an InsaneJournal Asylum.

Hijack Me: HP is a community for Authors who have either lost time, interest, motivation, or brain power to finish the HP fics that they have started. It's also a place for readers to make suggestions on what HP fics they would like to see finished, and we will try our hardest to contact the Author and get permission for the story to be Hijacked.

Also, looking for a Plot Bunny? Hows about a Plot Monster? These fic's are up for the taking, or hijacking as it may be.

For more details on the community and how it works please visit our InsaneJournal.
1.) NO story may be hijacked WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.
2.) All stories MUST be presented the way previously mentioned, any posts that do not comply will be deleted - We refuse to be sued or bitched at because you people couldn't be arsed to add proper warnings or disclaimers!
3.) All finished fics must have been beta read before they are posted. To find a beta, or to become a beta or brit picker for the comm. please go here: Beta List

Hijacked stories may be:

1.) added to
2.) used as an installment for a new fic
3.) completely re-written by the Hijacker (so long as the original plot line stays intact)
4.) re-titled
5.) of any HP variety (no crossover's however, we want 'pureblooded' HP stories only)
6.) Hijacked by one Author (first come, first serve)
7.) Spiced up! (you may take a 'G' rated story and crank up the heat)
8.) Toned down! (you may think some scenes in the story you hijacked are gratuitous and do not contribute to the plot, cut them out, tone them down - It's up to you!)

Hijacked Stories MAY NOT BE:

1.) Posted ANYWHERE without recognition to the original author clearly stated
2.) Flamed, Burned, Ridiculed, Wanked, or any other form of negative, non-constructive criticism. If we see it, the person who was uncouth enough to do it will be banned.

Hijacked Stories: Completely taken over by the Hijacker (only real restriction is that the plot must remain intact)
Sequel-Jacked Stories: Used as a back story for a new fic.
Passenger-Jacked Stories: The Hijacker takes the wheel, but the original author is riding passenger. The story becomes more of a collaboration piece. The final story may not be posted without original authors consent. (level of involvement of original author is up to original author.)

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